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The NCSL Environment Committee, one of 10 NCSL Standing Committees, has jurisdiction over state and federal natural resources legislation, regulations and policies. The Committee works to educate Congress and federal agencies on state concerns regarding these issues and to serve as a forum for legislators and legislative staff to learn about and share information on options being considered in other states.

The Committee has jurisdiction over the following areas: Alternative Energy; Brownfields; Clean Air; Environment; Environmental Health; Growth Management; Hazardous Wastes; Natural Disasters; Natural Resources; Nuclear Waste; Pesticides; Pollution Prevention; Radioactive Wastes; Superfund; Takings; Toxics; Waste Disposal; Water Policy; Wetlands Protection


US Supreme Court Cases

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NCSL periodically signs onto amicus briefs in cases being heard in the Supreme Court when there is a concern of federalism impacts to state legislatures. Below is a list of cases in the Supreme Court to which the State and Local Legal Center submitted an amicus brief that NCSL signed onto and covers issues within the jurisdictional areas of the Environment Committee (outlined above).

Supreme Court Cases - NCSL Amicus Briefs Filed

For questions on the amicus briefs or the cases themselves please contact Lisa Soronen, Executive Director, State & Local Legal Center (202-434-4845)

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