Report Recommends Alternative Nuclear Waste Storage Options 

August 2009

Nuclear waste policy experts from three universities recommend alternative nuclear waste storage options to Yucca Mountain in their report "Plan D for Spent Nuclear Fuel." The new report calls on Congress to convert the Nuclear Waste Fund (contributed to by utilities who use nuclear power) to escrow accounts and store nuclear waste on nuclear plant sites across the country, where it currently rests. The report makes seven specific recommendations for U.S. congressional action for the effective management of spent nuclear fuel on generation sites.

Las Vegas Review-Journal, Aug. 18, 2009, article "Experts explore Yucca alternative"
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"Plan D for Spent Nuclear Fuel"
By Rodney Ewing, Clifford E. Singer, and Paul P.H. Wilson
Published by the Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security (SCDIS) at the University of Illinois.
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