NCSL Nuclear Legislative Working Group



The mission of NCSL’s Nuclear Legislative Working Group (NLWG) is to provide legislative members with the opportunity to learn about the cleanup of federal nuclear weapons production and research facilities, the transportation and storage of radioactive wastes, and nuclear energy issues that affect our nation and states. The Working Group helps guide NCSL policies that serve as the basis for NCSL’s advocacy before the federal government on behalf of state legislatures. The NLWG is made up of legislators from select states that are appointed by state legislative leadership. The Working Group is supported by funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management and Office of Nuclear Energy.


Co-Chair: Senator Mattie Hunter, Illinois

Co-Chair: Representative John Ragan, Tennessee


  • Senator Frank Pratt, Arizona
  • Representative Gail Griffin, Arizona
  • Representative Mark Finchem, Arizona
  • Representative Joe Cloud, Arkansas
  • Representative Rick Beck, Arkansas
  • Representative Aaron Pilkington, Arkansas
  • Representative Bill Werkheiser, Georgia
  • Representative Chuck Martin, Georgia
  • Senator Dave Lent, Idaho
  • Senator Iris Martinez, Illinois
  • Senator Mattie Hunter, Illinois
  • Senator Danny Carroll, Kentucky
  • Representative Suzanne Miles, Kentucky
  • Representative Steven Rudy, Kentucky
  • Delegate Benjamin Brooks, Maryland
  • Representative Joe Bellino, Michigan
  • Representative Jack O'Malley, Michigan
  • Senator Dale Zorn, Michigan
  • Senator Aric Nesbitt, Michigan
  • Senator Jon Bizon, Michigan
  • Representative Jamie Long, Minnesota
  • Representative Patty Acomb, Minnesota
  • Senator Mike Goggin, Minnesota
  • Assemblyman Gregory Hafen, Nevada
  • Assemblyman Howard Watts, Nevada
  • Assemblywoman Natha Anderson, Nevada
  • Senator Bob Smith, New Jersey
  • Representative Cathrynn N. Brown, New Mexico
  • Representative Eliseo Alcon, New Mexico
  • Representative David Gallegos, New Mexico
  • Representative Christine Chandler, New Mexico
  • Representative Andrea Romero, New Mexico
  • Representative Matthew McQueen, New Mexico
  • Senator Jeff Steinborn, New Mexico
  • Senator Leo Jaramillo, New Mexico
  • Representative Erin Pare, North Carolina
  • Representative Charlie Miller, North Carolina
  • Senator David Craven, North Carolina
  • Senator Todd Johnson, North Carolina
  • Senator Lew Frederick, Oregon
  • Senator William "Bill" Hansell, Oregon
  • Representative Sylleste Davis, South Carolina
  • Senator Rusty Crowe, Tennessee
  • Senator Ken Yager, Tennessee
  • Representative Ed Thompson, Texas
  • Representative Brooks Landgraf, Texas
  • Senator David Hinkins, Utah
  • Senator Curt Bramble, Utah
  • Representative Matt Boehnke, Washington
  • Representative Skyler Rude, Washington
  • Senator Sharon Brown, Washington

Meeting Agendas and Presentations

NLWG's Quarterly Newsletter

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