Indiana Landlord and Tenant Duties

32-31-8-5 Duties of landlord at commencement of and during occupancy

A landlord shall do the following:

(1) Deliver the rental premises to a tenant in compliance with the rental agreement, and in a safe, clean, and habitable condition.

(2) Comply with all health and housing codes applicable to the rental premises.

(3) Make all reasonable efforts to keep common areas of a rental premises in a clean and proper condition.

(4) Provide and maintain the following items in a rental premises in good and safe working condition, if provided on the premises at the time the rental agreement is entered into:

(A) Electrical systems.

(B) Plumbing systems sufficient to accommodate a reasonable supply of hot and cold running water at all times.

(C) Sanitary systems.

(D) Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. A heating system must be sufficient to adequately supply heat at all times.

(E) Elevators, if provided.

(F) Appliances supplied as an inducement to the rental agreement.

32-31-7-5 Duties of tenant during occupancy

A tenant shall do the following:

(1) Comply with all obligations imposed primarily on a tenant by applicable provisions of health and housing codes.

(2) Keep the areas of the rental premises occupied or used by the tenant reasonably clean.

(3) Use the following in a reasonable manner:

(A) Electrical systems.

(B) Plumbing.

(C) Sanitary systems.

(D) Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.

(E) Elevators, if provided.

(F) Facilities and appliances of the rental premises.

(4) Refrain from defacing, damaging, destroying, impairing, or removing any part of the rental premises.

(5) Comply with all reasonable rules and regulations in existence at the time a rental agreement is entered into. A tenant shall also comply with amended rules and regulations as provided in the rental agreement.

(6) Ensure that each smoke detector installed in the tenant's rental unit remains functional and is not disabled. If the smoke detector is battery operated, the tenant shall replace batteries in the smoke detector as necessary. If the smoke detector is hard wired into the rental unit's electrical system, and the tenant believes that the smoke detector is not functional, the tenant shall provide notice to the landlord under IC 22-11-18-3.5(e)(2).

This section may not be construed to limit a landlord's obligations under this chapter or IC 32-31-8.

32-31-7-6 Duties of tenant at termination of occupancy

At the termination of a tenant's occupancy, the tenant shall deliver the rental premises to the landlord in a clean and proper condition, excepting ordinary wear and tear expected in the normal course of habitation of a dwelling unit.

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