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Older couple laughing on a bridge with a bicycleHealth in All Policies (HiAP) is a concept that explores the health impacts of all policies, especially policies that address the environment.  HiAP looks beyond health policies into measures that indirectly affect the public’s health.  Issues such as transportation infrastructure, community design, food and farm policy, and chemical control all contribute to this nation’s health.  HiAP recognizes these contributions and identifies approaches to leverage these efforts to improve the nation’s health.

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Reports and Meetings

  • State Biomonitoring Programs Postcard - June 2015
  • Biomonitoring: A Best Practices Report for State Legislators - May 2010
  • Environmental Health Preconference: 2015 Legislative Summit - The Environmental Health Preconference was held during NCSL's 2015 Legislative Summit in Seattle.  It addressed a wide range of environmental health issues: from food safety, healthy homes and chemical policy, to air quality and federal health requirements.  State legislators and legislative staff heard from a variety of experts and discussed pressing problems in their states and communities.
  • State Actions to Promote Healthy Communities and Prevent Childhood Obesity - Through enactment of legislation during the 2007-2010 sessions, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) saw increasing and sustained interest among state legislatures in policies designed to promote healthy communities and reduce or prevent childhood obesity. These trends were described in three earlier NCSL reports: Promoting Healthy Communities and Reducing Childhood Obesity: Legislative Options; Promoting Healthy Communities and Preventing Childhood Obesity: Trends in Recent Legislation; and Reversing the Trend in Childhood Obesity: Policies to Promote Healthy Kids and Communities. This report continues the policy tracking evidenced in the previous reports by summarizing and analyzing trends in state legislation enacted during the 2011 sessions.
  • Health in All Polices: Environmental Health Preconference Presentations - NCSL held a preconference to its 2011 Fall Forum entitled 'Health in All Polices,' a forum to learn how states are addressing important environmental health topics, to discuss pressing problems in communities, and to brainstorm effective legislative responses.

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