NCSL Fall Forum | Nov. 29-30, 2011 | Tampa, FL

NCSL held a preconference to their 2011 Fall Forum entitled ‘Health in All Policies,’ a forum to learn about how states are addressing important environmental health topics, to discuss pressing problems in communities and to brainstorm effective legislative responses.

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Health in All Policies – Role of Environmental Health

  • Dr. Clifford Mitchell, Maryland Department of Health and Human Hygiene
    Dr. Mitchell gave an overview of how environmental public health impacts communities, how health departments address environmental concerns, and the adverse health effects products in the environment can cause.

Food Safety; Food Safety Modernization Act

  • Joe Reardon, Food and Drug Administration  Podcast
    Mr. Reardon discussed the state-federal relationship of the recently enacted Food Safety Modernization Act.
  • Oscar Garrison, Georgia Department of Agriculture (presentation not available at this time)
    Mr. Garrison spoke of how Georgia developed their recent food safety law, and how the state has implemented the requirements

Built Environment; Healthy Community Design

  • Dr. Lisa Conti, One Health  Presentation
    Dr. Conti spoke on community design, and the role of animals in people’s lives and on their health.
  • Dr. Catherine Ross, Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, Georgia Tech University (presentation not available at this time)
    Dr. Ross spoke on health concerns related to sprawl in the Atlanta region.

Health Impact Assessments

  • Dr. Catherine Ross, Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, Georgia Tech University (presentation not available at this time)
    Dr. Ross presented on how Atlanta is using Health Impact Assessments to devise better land-use policy
  • Dr. Keshia Pollack, Johns Hopkins University  Presentation
    Dr. Pollack discussed how Health Impact Assessments are being reviewed in the Maryland Legislature to address environmental health concerns.

Chemical Demilitarization

  • Terry Tincher, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Environmental Health  Presentation
    Mr. Tincher spoke on CDC’s and the Army’s efforts to make chemical weapons benign before transferring a military base over to the public.

State Public Health Laboratories

  • Scott Becker, Association of Public Health Laboratories  Presentation
    Mr. Becker spoke on how state public health labs are at the first line of defense when an outbreak occurs

Biomonitoring; Public Health Tracking

  • Jeff Moran, Arkansas Department of Health  Presentation
  • Megan Latshaw, Association of Public Health Laboratories  Presentation
    Dr. Latshaw spoke on measuring chemicals in people.

Environmental Health Impact on Economic Development

  • Dan Boatright, College of Public Health, University of Oklahoma  Presentation
    Dr.Boatright spoke on the economic impact that environmental health programs have on a state’s economy.
Doug Farquhar is a program director at NCSL.

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