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nuclear waste sitesUpdated June 2013

The mission of NCSL’s Nuclear Legislative Workgroup (NLWG) is to provide legislative members with the opportunity to learn about the cleanup of federal nuclear weapons production and research facilities, the transportation and storage of radioactive wastes, and nuclear energy issues that affect our nation and states. This fact sheet is part of this effort.

The U.S. Department of Energy is responsible for the safe cleanup and long-term stewardship of the nation’s nuclear weapons production and research facilities. Radioactive and chemical waste, contaminated soil and water, and other hazardous materials at these sites pose significant risks to humans and the environment.

DOE’s Office of Environmental Management is primarily responsible for initial cleanup of these federal facilities. After the Environmental Management cleanup is complete, DOE’s Office of Legacy Management oversees long-term surveillance and maintenance of the sites.

Currently, DOE oversees 17 Environmental Management sites in 11 states and 90 Legacy Management sites in 29 states.


states with federal cleanup sites

















Environmental Management Sites

Legacy Management Sites



  • Monument Valley Processing Site  
  • Tuba City Disposal Site 



  • Chariot Site  
  • Amchitka Site  


  • Energy Technology Engineering Center  
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  
  • Stanford Linear Accelerator Center  
  • Berkley Site  
  • General Atomics Hot Cell Facility Site  
  • Geothermal Test Facility  
  • Laboratory for Energy-Related Health Research (LEHR) Site  
  • Oxnard Site  




  • Durango Disposal and Processing Site  
  • Grand Junction Site  
  • Grand Junction Disposal and Processing Site  
  • Gunnison Disposal and Processing Site  
  • Maybell Mill Disposal Site  
  • Maybell West Disposal Site  
  • Naturita Disposal and Processing Site  
  • Rifle Disposal
  • Rifle New and Old Processing Sites 
  • Rio Blanco Site  
  • Rocky Flats  
  • Rulison Site 
  • Slick Rock Disposal and Processing Site 



  • Seymour Site  



  • Pinellas Site  


  • Lowman Disposal Site  



  • Chicago North Site  
  • Chicago South Site  
  • Granite City Site  
  • Madison Site  
  • Site A/Plot M Decommissioned Reactor Site  


  • Maxey Flats Site  



  • Beverly Site  
  • Indian Orchard Site  



  • Adrian Site  



  • Salmon Site (Other)



  • Missouri University Research Reactor (MURR) Site  
  • Weldon Spring Site  



  • Hallam Decommissioned Reactor Site  


  • Nevada National Security Site  
  • Central Nevada Test Area Site  
  • Shoal Site  

New Jersey


  • Jersey City Site  
  • Maywood Site
  • Middlesex North Site
  • Middlesex Sampling Plant
  • New Brunswick Site  
  • Wayne Site  

New Mexico

  • Acid/Pueblo Canyon  
  • Ambrosia Lake Disposal Site  
  • Bayo Canyon  
  • Bluewater Disposal Site  
  • Chupadera Mesa Site  
  • Gasbuggy Site  
  • Gnome-Coach Site  
  • L-Bar Disposal Site  
  • Shiprock Disposal Site
  • Inhalation Toxicology Laboratory 

New York

  • West Valley Demonstration Project  
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory  
  • Separations Process Research Unit  
  • Buffalo Site
  • Colonie Site
  • New York, NY Site
  • Niagara Falls Storage Site
  • Niagara Falls Vicinity Properties Site  
  • Tonawanda North Unit 1 Site  
  • Tonawanda North Unit 2 Site  


  • Columbus East Site  
  • Fairfield Site  
  • Fernald Preserve  
  • Hamilton Site  
  • Mound Site
  • Oxford Site  
  • Piqua Decommissioned Reactor Site  
  • Toledo Site  



  • Albany Research Center  
  • Lakeview Disposal and Processing Site  



  • Aliquippa Site  
  • Burrell Disposal Site  
  • Canonsburg Disposal Site  
  • Springdale Site  

Puerto Rico


  • Boiling Nuclear Superheater (BONUS) Decommissioned Reactor Site  

South Carolina


South Dakota


  • Edgemont Disposal Site  


  • Oak Ridge Warehouses Site  



  • Falls City Disposal Site  


  • Moab UMTRA Project  
  • Green River Disposal Site  
  • Mexican Hat Disposal Site  
  • Monticello Disposal and Processing Sites  
  • Salt Lake City Processing and Disposal Site  


  • Sherwood Disposal Site  

West Virginia


  • Parkersburg Disposal Site  



  • Riverton Processing Site  
  • Shirley Basin South Disposal Site  
  • Spook Disposal Site