Biomonitoring: Measuring Chemicals in People


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Biomonitoring: Measuring Chemicals in People

One of the most critical concerns in enacting state chemical safety legislation is whether the law has any impact; whether it is performing the intended results. More specifically, whether banning, limiting the use or regulating the chemical leads to an improvement in the public’s health.

Biomonitoring—measuring the amount of a chemical in people, rather than in the environment—provides the data. It shows the overall level of a chemical in humans, and can show trends regarding the chemical in the population over time.

This webinar will discuss how the state labs in New York, New Hampshire and at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) use biomonitoring to determine how and which chemicals may be affecting the public’s health.

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  • Ken Aldous, New York State Department of Health
  • Christine Bean, New Hampshire State Laboratory
  • Kristin Dortch, National Center for Environmental Health, CDC