Asthma, a chronic disease that inflames the airways and lungs, causing shortness of breath, wheezing and -- in extreme cases -- death, affects more than 5 percent of the American population. What's more, cases of asthma are increasing, increasing 74 percent since 1980, with no reduction in sight.

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  • Adobe PDF America Breathing Easier

    America Breathing Easier tells the story of the Center for Disease Control's successful National Asthma Control Program and the many state and local efforts to ease the burden of asthma.

  • CDC National Asthma Control Program
    This site is the home of the CDC's National Asthma Control Program. It provides general information about asthma including the rate of occurrence, preventive measures, and case studies.
  • EPA Asthma and Indoor Environments
    This site is the home of the EPA's Indoor Air - Asthma Program. It provides general facts about asthma, current research, an asthma quiz, and special resources just for kids. In addition, there are links to the EPA's asthma partners and other on-line resources.
  • Air Pollution and Respiratory Health Links
    This site is coordinated by the CDC and provides links to organizations and agencies that have asthma programs. The resources provided through this site are extensive and targeted at a wide range of audiences.

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