2012 Spring Meeting of the Nuclear Legislative Working Group

June 19-20, 2012
Embassy Suites Downtown Denver
Denver, Colorado

Meeting Purpose

The meeting will bring together legislators, tribal leaders and other stakeholders from across the country who play a role in the clean-up of the nation's nuclear sites, host nuclear facilities, or are affected by the transportation of nuclear materials.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn about important nuclear waste management issues, gather updates from the U.S. Department of Energy, and share information with one another.

Meeting Summary

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  • Delegate Sally Y. Jameson, Maryland
  • Representative John Ragan, Tennessee
Participating Legislators
  • Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon, New Mexico
  • Senator Richard Devlin, Oregon
  • Representative Sarah Edwards, Vermont
  • Representative Karen May, Illinois
  • Senator Al Melvin, Arizona
  • Representative Sannie Overly, Kentucky
  • Senator Ross Tolleson, Georgia
  • Representative Ryan Wilcox, Utah
Participating NCSL Staff
  • Scott Hendrick
  • Jim Ree


Tuesday,  June 19, 2012

NCSL’s Nuclear Legislative Workgroup

Welcome and Introductions

DOE’s Office of Environmental Management
This session focused on the history of NCSL’s relationship with DOE’s Office of Environmental Management and the role of state legislators in the ongoing cleanup of federal cold war facilities.

  • Delegate Sally Jameson, Maryland (Chair)
  • John Heaton, Former New Mexico State Representative

Focus on the Hanford EM Site
The Hanford EM site in Washington is the home to nine former nuclear reactors and their associated processing facilities.  This session explored the site’s history and current challenges to cleaning up this facility.

Tour of the Rocky Flats Site
Legislators joined members of NCSL’s State and Tribal Government Working Group (STGWG) on this tour of the former nuclear weapons production facility turned national wildlife refuge managed by DOE’s Office of Legacy Management.

  • Scott Surovchak, DOE Office of Legacy Management

Wednesday,  June 20,  2012


Roundtable Discussion
Legislators participated in a dialogue with the head of DOE’s Office of Environmental Management about the timeline for cleanup of federal cold war facilities, potential impacts of proposed federal budget cuts, and the Office’s overall goals and strategies moving forward.

  • Dave Huizenga, Senior Advisor for Environmental Management, DOE

NCSL Policy Discussion
Legislators reviewed and provided input on NCSL’s policy directive on cleanup of radioactive waste.

  • Delegate Sally Jameson (Chair)
  • Scott Hendrick, NCSL

Legislator Reports on Recent Meetings
Workgroup members reported on their participation in the National Nuclear Fuel Cycle Summit and National Transportation Stakeholders Forum.

  • Representative Sarah Edwards, Vermont
  • Representative John Ragan, Tennessee

Discussion of New Nuclear Technologies

Representatives from the Nuclear Energy Institute discussed new nuclear technologies and small modular reactors.

Update on Blue Ribbon Commission
NCSL staff reviewed the final recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission and next steps at the federal and state levels.

  • Scott Hendrick, NCSL

Strategic Planning Session
A roundtable discussion of upcoming NCSL Workgroup activities and products.

  • Delegate Sally Jameson (Chair)
  • Scott Hendrick, NCSL