Transmission Policy Institute


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Denver, Colorado
June 17-18, 2010

Thursday | Friday

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Thursday, June 17

Welcome and Introductions

Transmission Planning for the Future

Many energy planners agree that the current transmission system needs significant upgrading due to its age and need to incorporate new energy technologies and growth in energy demand. This session will explore the current state of the U.S. electric grid and the changes will be needed to ensure reliable and affordable electricity delivery. Transmission plans in the Eastern and Western U.S., including the successes and challenges of meeting the transmission needs of these regions, will also be covered.

Moderator: Rep. Tom Sloan, Kansas House of Representatives


Byron Woertz, Western Electricity Coordinating Council  Download PDF Presentation
Lauren Azar, Commissioner, Wisconsin Public Service Commission Download PDF Presentation
John Flynn, American Electric Power Download PDF Presentation

Transmission Siting

Transmission siting is one of the largest hurdles to constructing transmission lines. Those that don’t benefit from new transmission are often averse to lines being built on or near their property. The approach that is taken in siting lines, along with existing state policies, can have a dramatic effect on the success of transmission projects. This session will look at the challenges of transmission siting and policies that have streamlined the process. It will also explore the roles wildlife agencies and NGOs have in respective regions.

Moderator: Glen Andersen, NCSL

Ashley Conrad-Saydah, Bureau of Land Management Download PDF Presentation
Sarah Ball, Edison Electric Institute  Download PDF Presentation

Energy Integration and Transmission Alternatives

This session will explore the basics of how renewable energy is integrated into the electric grid and why new transmission will be needed in order to meet state renewable energy goals. The mechanics of renewable energy will also be discussed, including:

  • How are variable output sources integrated into the grid?
  • What is the role of demand management and energy efficiency?
  • What role with smart grid technologies play?

Moderator: Rep. Tom Sloan, Kansas House of Representatives


Ed DeMeo, Renewable Consulting Services Download PDF Presentation
Charlie Smith, Utility Wind Integration Group Download PDF Presentation
David Corbus, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Download PDF Presentation
Rebecca Johnson, University of Colorado Download PDF Presentation

The Economics of Energy Distribution

This session addresses the challenges of financing and recovering transmission costs. It addresses the questions: What are the costs associated with transmission projects and how are they allocated and recovered? What at are the coordination and cost-recovery options for funding transmission lines across multiple states or jurisdictions?

Moderator: Glen Andersen, NCSL


Ron Lehr, American Wind Energy Association Download PDF Presentation
Ron Binz, Commissioner, Colorado Public Utilities Commission

Current Regional Landscapes

Issues impacting transmission development and expansion vary by state and region. Regional breakout sessions will provide lawmakers with a foundational understanding of the current transmission landscape for their respective region.


Midwest: Beth Soholt, Wind on the Wires Download PDF Presentation
East: Charlie Smith, Utility Wind Integration Group Download PDF Presentation
West: Ron Binz, Commissioner, Colorado Public Utilities Commission 

Friday, June 18

Federal Transmission: Projects and Policy

Federal policies and activities may have a significant impact on transmission development. This session will review the current federal transmission planning activities being and look at how the federal government can assist states in reaching their transmission goals. 

Speaker: Larry Mansueti, U.S. Department of Energy Download PDF Presentation

Regional Transmission Case Studies

Many states are in the process of developing and implementing transmission plans. This session will review case studies from the Midwest, Colorado, and Kansas. Efforts to address financing, planning, siting, and multi-jurisdictional coordination will be explored.


Beth Soholt, Wind on the Wires Download PDF Presentation
Morey Wolfson, State of Colorado, Governor’s Energy Office Download PDF Presentation
Rep. Tom Sloan, Kansas House of Representatives

Opportunities for State Policymakers - Roundtable Discussion

  • What options do legislators have and what further information do they need to create effective transmission policy?
  • What collaborative efforts do legislators view as critical to the success of improving and expanding transmission?
  • How can state interests be addressed at the regional level?

Wrap-Up and Adjourn