NCSL Task Force on Energy Supply Presentations

NCSL Fall Forum
Dec. 4-5, 2012
Washington, D.C.

The December 2012 meeting of the Task Force on Energy Supply explored critical energy issues facing states as they work to maintain a reliable electric grid in the face of changing generation resources and emerging technologies. It also addressed the challenges of adapting the often antiquated regulatory structure to modern electricity needs and realities. 

Tour of the North Anna Nuclear Power Generating Station

North Anna generates 1,863 megawatts from its two units — enough electricity to power 450,000 homes. Unit 1 began commercial operation in June, 1978 and Unit 2 followed in December 1980.

A New Model for Energy Market Regulation

The current regulatory regime is ill-equipped to deal with the energy technologies, such as distributed generation, demand management, efficiency and energy storage. New regimes in some regions are allowing utilities profit from innovation and energy services, not merely from selling kilowatts, are finding success in some states. Presenters during this session discussed new regulatory options and how these approaches are working.

  • David W. Cash, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities   Presentation  (63-page document)
  • Richard S. (Rick) Tempchin, Executive Director of Retail Energy Services, Edison Electric Institute

Challenges for the Electric Grid: Ensuring Reliability in the New Energy Era

Coal plant closings, increased reliance on variable energy resources, EPA requirements, increasing natural gas dependence, transmission challenges and new grid technologies all create challenges and uncertainty for the future of the electric grid.  What do they mean for reliability, security and stability? This session discussed these many challenges and how they can be addressed. Topics of discussions also included the balancing of competing electricity and heating demands for natural gas, backup power challenges and capacity markets.

  • Richard Ross, Director of RTO Regulatory, American Electric Power               Presentation
  • Miles Keogh, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners            Presentation

State Energy Planning Report and Future Task Force Goals

The task force discussed the legislator’s guide to state energy planning as well as future task force goals and work products such as webinars and publications.