Task Force on Energy Supply Presentations for 2014 Forum


Tuesday, Dec. 9

State Implementation of Proposed EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations

Complying with EPA’s proposed climate regulations will require significant and coordinated efforts among state legislatures, environmental commissioners, energy offices and utilities. What are states and utilities thinking regarding the feasibility of addressing the reliability impacts and implementation challenges?  What do policymakers need to know and how might they get involved as their states work on the required state implementation plans required by EPA? This session will explore these challenges and how state officials are approaching these challenges.

  • William Becker, executive director, National Association of Clean Air Agencies 
  • Vinson Hellwig, chief, Air Quality Division, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality | PDF Presentation
  • David Brown, senior vice president, Federal Affairs, Exelon Corporation 

This session will also include a discussion of the impact to coal-fired power plants and technologies that can help meet regulatory requirements.

  • Paul Bailey, senior vice president, Federal Affairs and Policy, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity | PDF Presentation
  • Douglas Middleton, engineer, U.S. Department of Energy | PDF Presentation

Transmission Development for a Changing Energy Grid

Large changes in baseload power generation, aging infrastructure and the rapid expansion of distributed and renewable energy has increased the strain on the nation’s electric grid. Ensuring that needed transmission is built or that aging infrastructure is upgraded is difficult, however, because of a number of challenges, including high costs, difficulties in siting transmission lines, lack of interstate planning and cost-allocation challenges. This session will explore the transmission situation and how these challenges might be addressed.

Gas Pipelines: Improving Safety and Reducing Emissions

The issue of leaking natural gas pipelines and their impacts on safety are front page stories on a monthly basis. While it is acknowledged that pipeline infrastructure in certain parts of the country is decades past its “replace by” date, there are often other factors, including cost, overlapping jurisdiction and public impacts that slow down this process. This session will explore how natural gas utilities are planning to overcome these obstacles to bring the nation’s system of natural gas pipelines into the 21st century.

  • Christopher Freitas, senior program manager, U.S. Department of Energy | PDF Presentation
  • Art Shapiro, senior technical consultant, Pipeline Safety and Compliance, Energy Experts International | PDF Presentation

Moving Crude Oil by Rail

Increasing transportation of crude by rail has raised questions regarding the safety of rail cars and competition among other important commodities transported by rail, such as coal, propane, and grain. This session will examine state and federal efforts to improve the safety of rail cars and how the growth in transporting crude oil by rail is displacing other commodities.

  • Robert Benedict, acting senior regulations officer, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration | PDF Presentation
  • Bob Greco, group director, Downstream and Industry Operations, American Petroleum Institute | PDF Presentation
  • Steve Tomac, senior legislative representative, Basin Electric Power Cooperative | PDF Presentation

Business Models and Utility Regulation: Are Changes Needed?

Declining sales, slow load growth, and a trend toward distributed generation by customers, combined with increasing needs to invest in grid technologies and transmission, is calling into question whether current regulatory approaches can be tailored to work in this new era, or whether significant changes are needed. This session’s presenters will explore these issues along with possible solutions.

  • Diane Burman, commissioner, New York Public Service Commission 
  • Steve Corneli, senior vice president, Policy and Strategy, NRG Energy, Inc. | PDF Presentation
  • Bill Murray, managing director, Public Policy, Dominion  | PDF Presentation