Energy Storage: Evolution and Revolution on the Electric Grid

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Energy Storage: Evolution and Revolution on the Electric Grid

Rapid advances in energy storage technology, along with falling costs, will soon make energy storage a major player in the electricity market. With its ability to increase the resiliency, reliability and efficiency of the grid, while easing the integration of wind and solar power, energy storage is poised to transform the energy system. To assess its value and potential benefits, states and utilities are investigating a broad variety of actions.

This webinar will investigate the value proposition of energy storage, growth trends and the role of state policy in the storage market.

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the recording of the webinar is not available.

Speakers Presentation

Ravi Manghani, Director of Energy Storage, GTM ResearchRavi Manghani: Manghani is the director of Energy Storage at GTM Research, where he focuses on global energy storage markets and value chain analysis. As an industry expert, Manghani has been quoted in various publications including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg, Christian Science Monitor, Wired, and Verge. He has more than eight years of experience in energy storage as a consultant, analyst and engineer. Presentation

Long Huber, vice president and head of consulting at Strategen.Lon Huber: Huber is vice president and head of consulting at Strategen. He is currently involved in numerous public proceedings across the U.S. covering such topics as rate design, community solar, energy storage policy, and the designing of new DER market structures. Before to joining Strategen, Huber worked for the consumer advocate office in Arizona, in the private sector for clean technology firms and in academia at a solar energy focused research institute.  Presentation