Greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

2019 Legislative Energy Trends

State legislatures wrapped up 2019 and have moved into 2020 exploring a wide range of energy policies. In 2019, lawmakers considered over 3,500 energy-related measures—a sizable increase compared to 2018—and enacted over 500 new laws. This white paper provides an overview of the trending energy policies considered by state legislatures across the country.


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COVID-19: Critical Energy Infrastructure Webinar 

Join NCSL and other experts for a webinar on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, as they examine how the energy sector is responding to COVID-19, the biggest challenges remaining, and the role that states play in preparing for and facilitating this vital work. 

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Cybersecurity and the Electric Grid | The state role in protecting critical infrastructure

While the federal government is taking action to help utilities and operators of critical infrastructure defend against the persistent barrage of cyberattacks, state policymakers are pursuing additional measures to establish security requirements and bolster cyber-protections.


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Safe and Reliable Pipelines | A Primer for State Legislatures

In partnership with the federal government, states play a significant role in overseeing and enforcing pipeline safety initiatives. This new report details how state legislatures contribute to that goal by updating statutory requirements, establishing building and inspection standards, replacing aging infrastructure and enhancing overall system safety.


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Energy Efficiency Legislative Update

States enacted a broad range of energy efficiency legislation in 2019, including new laws related to utility energy conservation programs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and appliances, and boosting efficiency in schools.  


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Energy Bill Tracking

This NCSL database features bills relating to climate change, energy efficiency, energy security, financing energy projects, fossil energy, green jobs, renewable energy and alternative transportation fuels.


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Energy Resources 

The NCSL Energy Program posts its many policy resources online. Feel free to view our publications, legislative summaries, newsletters, presentations from past meetings, and webinar recordings.