Renewable Energy


NCSL LegisBrief

Renewable Portfolio Standards

Renewable Portfolio Standards require utilities, municipalities and electric cooperatives to sell a specified percentage or amount of renewable electricity; 29 states, Washington, D.C., and two territories have adopted an RPS. This brief looks at state policies and recent legislative action.


solar panels installation

Solar Policy Toolkit

States have played a significant role in the rise of solar power by creating policies, incentives and regulations that have transformed the solar market. NCSL and NASEO's toolkit provides the tools to understand the distributed solar market and to craft policies to achieve solar energy goals.



Renewable Energy


net metering electricity usage

State Net Metering Policies

Net metering policies allow distributed generation customers to sell excess electricity to their utility and receive credit on their utility bill. While these policies have helped expand access to the benefits of distributed energy resources, they have also generated questions of equity and cost-shifting. This webpage explores the topic.


NCSL webinar

Offshore Wind Market

With offshore wind costs falling significantly in recent years, more states are looking to harness the clean energy and economic development opportunities presented by offshore wind. This webinar, The Growing Offshore Wind Market, covers state action and explores state policies.