NETWG Fourth Quarter Meeting - Washington, D.C.



NETWG logoThe Nuclear Energy Tribal Working Group (NETWG) is a chartered working group, focused on engaging tribal governments interested in the broad spectrum of Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear energy activities.

NETWG explores such topics as nuclear research and development, small module reactors, stakeholder outreach, STEM education, emergency response and planning activities and potential economic business opportunities. 

On October 12-14, 2016 NETWG convened at the Holiday Inn Washington Capitol, Washington, D.C.. for its fourth quarterly meeting in 2016. Meetings were held nearby at the DOE Forrestal Building.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tribal Executive Session 

This session provided tribal members an opportunity to discuss upcoming issues and topics.

Lunch Meeting with DOE Office of Nuclear Energy
  • Andrew Richards, chief of staff, U.S.. DOE Office of Nuclear Energy | No Presentation
  • Jay Jones, physical scientist, U.S.. DOE Office of Nuclear Energy | No Presentation
Meetings with Nuclear Waste Management Organization

NETWG Meeting in Washington DC group photo Oct. 2016.Canada’s NWMO met with members to discuss Canada’s siting process seeking an informed and willing community for long-term management of spent nuclear fuel in a deep geological repository. NWMO presented its approach to engagement and capacity-building with indigenous communities and its commitment to partnership in a siting area. 

Discussions provided an opportunity to exchange information about interests and priorities of indigenous communities in Canada and the U.S..

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tour of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Operations Center

This briefing provided a review of current NRC activities of interest, including: draft Tribal Policy Statement and recent panel discussions, licensing process for Waste Control Specialists and Eddy/Lea Counties and licensing for small modular reactors.

DOE Infrastructure Program Update

This session provided an overview of DOE-NE's infrastructure policy.

DOE-NE Senior Management High-level Policy Discussion
  • John Kotek, acting assistant secretary, DOE | No Presentation
  • Ray Furtenau, associate principal deputy assistant secretary, DOE | No Presentation
Updates from DOE-NE Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary

This session provided an overview to the group on DOE-NE's work relating to climate change, nuclear energy and small modular reactors.

  • Brad Williams, nuclear engineer, senior advisor, DOE | Presentation
DOE-Office of Indian Energy Update

This session provided an update on the DOE Office of Indian Energy's activities, as well as a discussion of potential crossover between NETWG and the Indian Country Energy Infrastructure Working Group (ICEIWG).

  • Doug MacCourt, senior policy advisor, DOE | No Presentation

Friday, October 14, 2016

Tribal Executive Session and Breakfast

Meeting with DOE-NE Consent-Based Siting Staff: Andy Griffith, Melissa Bates, Erica Bickford and Mike Reim, to discuss NETWG response to DOE's draft report and involvement with the consent-based siting process moving forward.