NCSL meetings provide members the opportunity to hear from the nation's experts on all the important issues of the day, such as state finances, education, health care, transportation, criminal justice, welfare and more. These meetings give you the opportunity to meet with legislators and staff from across the country, share your ideas, learn about theirs, and tailor policies that work for your state and your constituents.

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Past Meetings

2016 Capitol Forum - Washington D.C. | Dec. 6-9

NCSL held its second annual Capitol Forum, bringing together legislators from across the country once again. For any session materials you may have missed please click here

2016 Legislative Summit (Aug. 8-11)

NCSL hosted over 5,000 attendees in beautiful Chicago from Aug. 8-11. Head to the Agenda and Resources page to gather up any information you may have missed, including presentations and analysis from each session. 

2015 Capitol Forum - Washington D.C. | Dec. 8-11

The newly-named NCSL winter meeting brought together legislators from all over the country to Washington, D.C. Sessions included a Lobby Day on Capitol Hill, and work with committees to craft the States’ Agenda. View Meeting Presentations and Resources.

2015 Summit - Seattle, Wa.

summitNCSL held its largest meeting in recent history, with over 5,000 attendees in beautiful coastal Seattle from Aug. 3-6. Check out the NRI Committee Agenda for sessions you missed, and our Resources page to gather up all the information, presentations and analysis from each session. 

2014 Forum  - Washington, D.C. 

forumAnother great NCSL Forum focused on state-federal relations (Dec. 9-12, 2014) concluded. See session presentations and resources here, along with photos from NCSL members' meetings with their Congressional delegations! 

2014 Legislative Summit - Minneapolis, Minn.

minniNCSL successfully completed its Legislative Summit in Minneapolis Minn. from Aug. 19- 22, 2014.Check out resources, presentations, links and more information on our resources page. 


2013 Fall Forum - Washington, D.C.

fall forumNCSL's  Fall Forum took place in Washington, D.C. from Dec. 4-6, 2013. In addition to sessions held on issue areas within our 8 standing committees' jurisdictions, NCSL also be held a lobbying day, where members went to the Hill to lobby for the Marketplace Fairness Act. The NRI Committee held sessions on issues from transportation funding, to metals theft, to natural gas emissions, and more! See presentations and materials from the NRI Committee here.

2013 Legislative Summit - Atlanta, Ga.


NCSL's annual legislative summit was held this year in Atlanta, Ga. from Aug. 12 -15, 2013. Attendees chose from over 100 sessions on all the major state policy issues being debated today, attended training workshops, heard from experts, and voted on policy that guides NCSL's advocacy efforts in Washington. See presentations and materials from NRI sessions held at the legislative summit here.

2013 Spring Forum - Denver, Co.

spring forum

NCSL's 2013 Spring Forum May 2-4 included informative sessions on a wide array of topics of interest to our state legislators and legislative staff. Information from the NRI Committee meeting sessions, including panelists' presentations are posted here.

2012 Fall Forum - Washington, D.C.

Fall Forum LogoNCSL successfully concluded its 2012 Fall Forum in Washington, D.C., Dec. 5-7,  with more than 650 attendees. Information from the meeting, including panelists' presentations and various materials of interest from the NRI Committee's sessions are available at the Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee Fall Forum Materials page.

2012 Legislative Summit - Chicago, Ill. 

Legislative Summit LogoThe 2012 Legislative Summit took place in Chicago, Aug. 6-9. Here is the agenda from that meeting.
You can view the NCSL Resource page from the Legislative Summit here.

Environment Sessions

Presentations from past meetings of the Environment Committee (now part of the Natural Resources and Infrastructure Committee)