Energy Meetings, August 7 & 8, 2012, at the NCSL Legislative Summit

Agriculture and Energy Committee Meeting,
Legislative Summit
August 7, 2012

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Energy efficiency investments offer businesses, industries, homeowners and utilities tremendous opportunities to lower costs and create energy savings. Although energy efficiency upgrades often pay for themselves, up-front costs and a lack of information about available options can create barriers to these improvements. States that have successfully implemented innovative financing approaches—such as on-bill financing, performance contracting or property assisted energy financing—have managed to overcome some of these barriers.  This session will explore a number of financing options and the reasoning behind state efforts to implement them. It will also highlight state examples and the reasons behind their success.


  • Brian Cavey, National Rural Electrical Cooperative Association, Virginia
  • Rima Oueid, Distributed Generation Deployment, U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, D.C.

The Energy for Growth:  State Energy Plans Cultivate Jobs and Revive Economies
Legislative Summit Issue Forum
August 8, 2012

A reliable, affordable energy grid can be an engine for economic growth to meet future demands. States can modernize their electric systems while promoting local industries, creating jobs, tapping domestic resources and taking advantage of the latest technological advancements in renewable energy, fossil fuels and energy efficiency. Explore state options to craft job-creating policies that will energize state economies.

  • James Conca, RJ Lee Group, Inc., Washington
  • Chris Lafakis, Associate Director-Senior Economist, Moody's Analytics.
  • Kate Tomford, Illinois Energy Office, Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
  • Moderator: Representative Karen May, Illinois