ICEIWG Quarterly Meeting April 13, 2016

April 13, 2106

The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy (IE) held a quarterly meeting of the Indian Country Energy and Infrastructure Working Group (ICEIWG) on April 13, 2016, at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Catoosa, Okla. The meeting was sponsored by the Cherokee Nation and Osage Nation.

ICEIWG consists of elected tribal leaders who work collaboratively with U.S. Department of Energy to recommend policies and programs that support energy development, capacity building and electrification in Indian Country.

ICEIWG’s composition of 12 member tribes and two regional Alaska Native non-profits representing more than 56 Alaska Native Villages represent tribes that are developing energy projects, have already established them or can show an evidenced business interest in energy development. ICEIWG provides advice and recommendations on the strategic planning and implementation of DOE’s policies and programs related to energy resources, business and infrastructure development.

Agenda and Presentations


Welcome, Opening Remarks and Introductions

ICEIWG Member Tribe Co-Hosts - Cherokee Nation and Osage Nation

  • Bill John Baker, principal chief, Cherokee Nation
  • Sara Hill, secretary of Natural Resources, Cherokee Nation
  • Jill S. Jones, board chair, Osage Nation Energy Services, LLC.

ICEIWG Co-Chairs

  • Chris Deschene, director, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy (IE) Policy and Programs
  • Jim Manion, general manager, Warm Springs Power, Confederated Tribes of the Warms Springs Reservation of Oregon

DOE-IE Officials and Points of Contact to ICEIWG

  • David Conrad, deputy director, U.S. DOE-IE
  • Doug MacCourt, senior adviser, U.S. DOE-IE
  • Sarai Geary, program manager, U.S. DOE-IE

Opening Prayer | ICEIWG Member Introductions | Brief Energy Updates

ICEIWG Administrative Business

Member Discussion | No presentation

  • Overview of Agenda
  • Review of 2016 Calendar of Events for ICEIWG-related activities
  • Future ICEIWG Quarterly Meeting Discussion
  • DOE Budget/Progrmmatic Updates-Direction/Impacts
  • DOE Departmental Updates/Legislative Updates
  • Other Business Matters

Growing Awareness Around STEM As a Priority for Indian Country

  • Sara EchoHawk, CEO, American Indian Science and Engineering Society | Presentation
  • Dode Barnett, council member, Muscogee (Creek) Nation | No Presentation

ICEIWG Policy Agenda Development and Work Plan

Member Discussion | No Presentation

Working Lunch — Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) 1.2 

Energy Project Development Presentations from Co-Hosts Cherokee Nation and Osage Nation

  • Sara Hill, secretary of Natural Resources, Cherokee Nation | Presentation
  • Jill S. Jones, board chair, Osage Nation Energy Services, LLC. | Presentation

Introduction and Update from U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)

White House Council on Native American Affairs Update

  • Anthony Morgan Rodman, executive director 

Opportunities In The Supply Chain Of Transmission Infrastructure

  • Mario Hurtado, Clean Line Energy, LLC. | No Presentation

Wrap Up and Next Steps