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Economies of Shale

North America’s energy outlook has significantly changed over the last decade. With the widespread use of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, oil and natural gas resources are no longer as expensive to develop. Read about the state legislation introduced this year related to hydraulic fracturing.


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Oil and Gas Severance Taxes

This document highlights state oil and gas severance tax laws. These “severance” taxes apply to materials severed from the ground and include the extraction or production of oil, gas and other natural resources.



Fossil Fuels


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Cross-Bore Prevention

Industry and policymakers are addressing the emerging issue of cross-bores—when a new pipeline is accidentally installed through existing underground infrastructure using trenchless drilling. This brief outlines concerns and what’s being done to promote safe digging and awareness.


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Compulsory Pooling

Most major oil and gas producing states have adopted mandatory or compulsory pooling laws to govern circumstances in which neighboring landowners disagree about extracting mineral resources from common pools underneath their land. This brief highlights how states are addressing compulsory pooling.