Everybody Wins—Driving Economic Growth and Energy Efficiency With On Bill Financing

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Everybody Wins—Driving Economic Growth and Energy Efficiency with on Bill Financing

With state and consumer budgets bouncing back from the lows of the economic recession, efficiency policies that reduce consumer and business energy bills can play a strong role in helping to maintain economic momentum. Energy efficiency financing policies, such as on-bill financing, help home and building owners overcome the upfront costs that often put energy efficiency improvements out of reach. On-bill financing eliminates the cost barrier by allowing consumers to finance efficient furnaces, air conditioners, lighting and other efficiency upgrades and pay finance costs on their energy bill. Middle and low-income customers, renters, residents of multifamily properties and small businesses can all benefit. This webinar will explore state on-bill financing programs enacted through legislation and utility on-bill financing programs. The webinar will highlight the case study of the "Help My House" on-bill financing program in South Carolina and the role state legislatures are playing to expand these policies.

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  • Casey Bell, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy PDF PRESENTATION
  • Lindsey Smith, The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina & Michael Smith, Central Electric Power Cooperative | PDF Presentation