Energy Sessions at 2019 Legislative Summit | Nashville, Tenn.


Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019

State Action on Carbon Emissions

The federal government has scaled back regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity and transportation sectors. Some states are raising renewable generation requirements, expanding carbon pricing efforts or tackling transportation emissions. What does the shrinking role of the federal government mean for the future of carbon emissions?


  • Skiles Boyd, DTE Energy, Michigan | Presentation
  • James Bradbury, Georgetown Climate Center, Washington, D.C. | Presentation
  • Janet Peace, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, Virginia | Presentation

Juicing Up for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have the potential to transform the way we fuel transportation, introducing many new energy and infrastructure challenges. Questions include who should own the infrastructure, who should regulate the sale of electricity at charging stations, and will utilities be able to handle these new demands? Also, examine policy approaches to addressing equity and access among consumers in an interactive exploration of what’s ahead for the electric vehicle market.


  • Jenifer Bosco, National Consumer Law Center, Massachusetts | No Presentation
  • Phillip Jones, Alliance for Transportation Electrification, Washington | No Presentation
  • Jonathan Levy, Evgo Service, LLC, California | No Presentation

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