Energy Policy Summit Presentations for 2015 Legislative Summit


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Monday, Aug. 3, 2015 | Seattle | Energy Policy Summit

Smart, Efficient and Clean: Why Businesses are Engaging in Energy Policy

A number of industry and business leaders are leveraging clean energy technology and policy opportunities to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and catalyze investment. More companies are adopting clean energy strategies to improve their bottom line and meet the needs of investors, customers, and consumers. What does this mean for energy policy in the states? How can policymakers engage with the private sector on state energy policy?  Companies investing in this space will answer these questions and discuss what’s driving these changes.

  • Representative Jeff Morris, Washington (moderator)
  • Jonas Kron, senior vice president, director of Shareholder Advocacy, Trillium Asset Management | PDF Presentation
  • Jim Hanna, director, Environmental Impact, Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Anna Pavlova, vice president, Government Relations, Schneider Electric | PDF Presentation
  • Rob Bernard, general manager, Chief Environmental and Cities strategist, Microsoft

Changing the Mix with EPA Climate Regulations

The proposed EPA greenhouse gas emissions rules have to potential to create massive changes in the electric energy industry. How can the nation’s fuel and energy producers adapt and what role could they place in helping states meet these requirements? What challenges will the energy industry face and what state policies will influence these challenges? These and other questions will be answered by our expert panel.

  • Representative Tom Sloan, Kansas (moderator)
  • Mike McGarey, senior director, State Outreach, Nuclear Energy Institute | PDF Presentation
  • Matt Stanberry, vice president, Market Development, Advanced Energy Economy | PDF Presentation
  • Erica Bowman, vice president, Research and Policy Analysis, America’s Natural Gas Alliance | PDF Presentation
  • Margaret Hodnik, vice president, Regulatory and Legislative Affairs, Minnesota Power/ALLETE | PDF Presentation

Exporting Coal, Oil and Natural Gas

The slowing demand for coal, along with the increasing production of natural gas and crude, is increasing the interest in exporting these products for use outside of the U.S. Supporters claim that exporting these resources will help American products reach higher demand markets, while some critics are concerned about the impact on domestic energy prices and the environment. This session will explore the motivations, policy implications, benefits and challenges to increasing the export of the nation’s fossil fuel resources.

  • Representative Al Carlson, North Dakota (moderator)
  • Bill Chapman, chief executive officer, Millennium Bulk | PDF Presentation
  • Joe Ritzman, vice president, Business Development, SSA Marine | PDF Presentation
  • Johan Hellman, executive director, State Government Affairs, BNSF Railway | PDF Presentation
  • Ross MacFarlane, senior adviser, Business Partnerships, Climate Solutions | PDF Presentation