Energy Efficiency


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To Efficiency and Beyond

Residential, governmental and commercial structures accounted for 39 percent of U.S. energy consumption in 2017. To decrease building energy use, state legislatures are exploring green building and net zero energy policies. This State Legislatures magazine article explores state activity and legislative trends around increasing building efficiency.



R-Pace Consumer Protections

This LegisBrief looks at an innovative form of financing specific energy and weather-related improvements in homes, known as residential PACE, that grew to $2 billion in investments in 2016 alone, and how policymakers and consumer advocates are seeking to ensure that such programs sufficiently protect consumers.

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Energy Efficiency


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Energy Efficiency Update

Policymakers have encouraged statewide initiatives to streamline efficiency efforts, target specific sectors or demographics and encourage economic investments. This legislative update on state efficiency legislation shows trending legislation.


NCSL Webinar

Energy Efficiency Economic Growth

Improving efficiency offers multiple economic benefits by lowering energy costs for families, industries and businesses; creating jobs; and helping states cost-effectively meet clean air goals. This webinar explores the economic and job creation benefits that energy efficiency efforts can provide to states.