Energy Assurance: Creating a Resilient Electric Grid Webinar

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Energy Assurance: Creating a Resilient Electric Grid Webinar
Thursday, May 9, 2013

Electricity is critical to the provision of fresh water, food and fuel availability, emergency response, communications and many other essential services. As Hurricane Sandy and other recent disasters have demonstrated, disruptions of the electric supply can cause tremendous hardship and major economic losses. State policymakers play a critical role in assuring the energy system is resilient and that utilities and officials can quickly respond to energy emergencies caused by extreme events, failures and disruptions.This webinar explored the threats to the energy system and looked at state efforts to improve the resilience and reliability. Case studies using examples from Hurricane Sandy were discussed.

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Alice Lippert, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary at U.S. Department of Energy   PDF PRESENTATION
Cherrie Black, CIP Bureau Chief, New Jersey Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness  PDF PRESENTATION
James Giuliano, Director, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, Division of Reliability and Security  PDF PRESENTATION