Conventional Energy (Oil, Gas & Coal) Forum & Associated Vertical Business Development: Best Practices in Indian Country

US DOE Office of Indian EnergyMarch 1, 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada


The dynamic world of conventional energy (focusing on oil, gas and coal energy) is a critical piece of the American energy portfolio. This strategic energy forum focused on recent trends, existing successful partnerships, and perspectives on the future of conventional energy and how tribal business interests are evolving to meet the interests and needs of new tribal energy economies. The third of a series of planned DOE Office of Indian Energy-sponsored strategic energy development & investment forums, this forum provided an opportunity for Tribal leaders, federal agencies, and executives to get real-time, regional market snapshots of:

  • new discoveries,
  • new oil and gas production methods,
  • associated research and development, and
  • support industry opportunities and new markets emerging in the traditional energy sector.

This Forum also provided a venue for Tribal leaders and sector executives to directly converse with each other regarding best practices in conventional energy project partnerships and investments.

Thursday, March 1

Welcome and Overview of Forum

Moderator: Tracey A. LeBeau, Director, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Indian Energy

The State of Conventional Energy: An Overview of the Marketplace

Baseline Production and Outlook from a National Perspective
A discussion of the current conventional energy production and future outlook from both production and generation perspectives.

Tracey A. LeBeau, Director, U.S. DOE Office of Indian Energy

Fossil Fuel Research and Development Federal Initiatives
A presentation of the various carbon capture sequestration, enhanced recovery and other related research and development initiatives of the Department of Energy.

Dr. Chuck Taylor, DOE National Technology Energy Lab (NETL)     Download Presentation

Department of Interior Tribal Oil, Gas, Coal and Mineral Program—Updates
An update on tribal oil, gas and mineral program tools to help tribes identify the current production and potential for oil, gas, coal and other extractive resources.

Dennis Bodenchuk, Acting Chief, U.S. Department of Interior, Indian Energy & Economic Development, Division of Energy and Mineral Development
Download Presentation

Coal Industry Perspective: Trends and Outlook

Rebecca Kujawa, Vice President Business Development, Peabody Energy  Download Presentation

Working with First Nations –Joint Ventures and Partnerships Best Practices
From the majors to having started up a successful aboriginal-owned oil and gas corporation, this aboriginal oil and gas executive will discuss how he has very successfully worked with, and still works in partnership with, numerous First Nations.

Kelly Kimbley, President & CEO, Border Petroleum  Download Presentation (not available at this time)

Conventional Energy in Indian Country Perspective: Review of Status Quo and Outlook for the Future

Bruce Valdez, Executive Director, Southern Ute Growth Fund 

Growth Strategies Beyond the Wellhead

From the Tribal Oil Patch: Growth Strategies & Challenges for Emerging Tribal Conventional Energy Opportunities

Scott Russell, Tribal Council, Crow Nation