Juvenile Justice 2020 Year-End Report

State juvenile justice legislation in 2020, despite many legislative sessions being cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mostly focused on enacting laws diverting young people from formal court processing, providing alternatives to detention, and much more.


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Legislation Related to Artificial Intelligence

State lawmakers are considering artificial intelligence (AI) benefits and challenges with a growing number of measures being introduced to study the impact of AI and the potential roles for policymakers.


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Business Interruption Insurance 2021 Legislation

Business interruption insurance, also known as business income insurance, helps small businesses protect against monetary losses due to periods of suspended operations or closures.


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Cryptocurrency | 2021

This page summarizes the 2021 state legislation regarding cryptocurrencies and digital and virtual currencies. Digital or virtual currencies are a medium of exchange but are not regular money.


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Energy Emergencies | Planning and Response

This primer outlines the role of state legislatures in preparing for and responding to energy emergencies and provides additional context around coordination between state and tribal governments during energy emergencies.