Voting Outside the Polling Place Webinar Series


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COVID-19 affects every aspect of our society, including elections. Join NCSL's elections team for this timely webinar series that examines the policy implications, pro and con, for expanding absentee voting. The series will explore what states are already doing to adapt their voting processes (with or without legislation) and provide examples of states with expanded absentee voting or elections held by mail. The series is available free of charge.

Who Should Attend

Legislators, legislative staffers, election officials, outside advocates and interested members of the public are welcome to join.

What to Expect

Through this webinar series, NCSL will provide information on absentee and mail voting policies and approaches you can adapt to the needs in your state. We will cover:

  • Current state responses to elections resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Policy options for scaling up absentee voting.
  • The low-down on all-mail elections (and hybrid elections as well).
  • Perspectives from legislators and election experts from across the nation.

You can also expect to hear from stakeholders and experts on both sides of these issues who have gone through these processes and can share their valuable experience.

Webinar Dates

All the webinars in this series will be available free of charge. The first three events will be traditional webinars, and the fourth will be an interactive virtual meeting held on Zoom.

The webinars are, in chronological order:

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