Voter Registration Improvements with David Becker

NCSL Legislative Summit Aug. 2012

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David Becker, 
director of Election Initiatives for the Pew Center on the States



David Becker, director of Election Initiatives at the Pew Center on the States, addressed the issue of voter registration at NCSL’s Legislative Summit in August 2012. 

Earlier this year, Pew produced the report,
Inaccurate, Costly and Inefficient. The study reported that as many as 24 million voter registrations across the nation are inaccurate, and up to 51 million eligible citizens are not registered to vote.

In this three-minute interview, Becker discusses the results of that report, and more importantly, what states can do to improve their registration systems. His first recommendation is to use online voter registration when feasible. He also recommends that motor vehicle agencies automate their voter registration systems, and thirdly, that "states share data better across state lines."  He points out that some states are already doing so, "using sophisticated data matching engienes that we now have access to that didn't exist ten years ago." 

Becker concludes by saying that modernizing registration will also make it easier for states to communicate with eligible voters who are not yet registered.    

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