Timing is Everything: Absentee Ballot Processing


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Join us on Zoom to discuss key considerations for absentee, or mail, voting: the timeline for ballot processing. More attention than ever is focused on voting by mail. This meeting will address technical aspects of the process, and what states that expect to see an increase in absentee voting this year can do now to efficiently manage the flow of ballots in November (and maybe—just maybe—avoid delaying the release of election results). We will begin with when ballots are mailed out and review each step up until every ballot has been counted. Come with questions for our panelists and the NCSL elections team.


  • Wendy Underhill, director, NCSL Redistricting and Elections Program
  • Judd Choate, director, Division of Elections, Colorado Department of State
  • Nathaniel Persily, James B. McClatchy professor of law, Stanford Law School
  • Jennifer Morrell, partner, The Elections Group