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Current Issue of The Canvass

The June 2022 edition of The Canvass highlights strategies to protect election systems from cyberattacks and how to minimize damage should an attack occur. Plus, a look into the nation’s largest ballot printing and mailing business, an interview with Hawaii Sen. Karl Rhoads and a compilation of recent enactments.

Topical Index of The Canvass

Featured election articles from past issues of The Canvass can be found in a Topical Index.

Chronological Index of The Canvass


  • June 2022: Elections Cybersecurity: Actions for Legislators
  • May 2022: The Help America Vote Act: 20 Years Later
  • April 2022: 7 Considerations for Talking to Your Constituents About Elections
  • March 2022: The What, Why and How of Voter List Maintenance
  • February 2022: When Redistricting Is Complete, What’s Next? Election Administrators Get Busy
  • January 2022: 2021 Legislative Action on Elections


  • December 2021: Back to Session: Legislators Get Homework in Four Election Recommendation Reports
  • November 2021: Local Election Officials Feel the Heat—And What Legislators Can Do About It
  • October 2021: Voter ID: Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been?
  • September 2021: Election Tech Providers Offer Advice on Cybersecurity and More
  • August 2021: The What, Why and How of Election Audits
  • July 2021: Voting is for All Americans, Including Those Living Abroad
  • June 2021: Legislative Focus Shifts from Voter Experience to Everything Else
  • May 2021: The Battle Over Election Emergency Powers: Legislative vs. Executive Branches
  • April 2021: Don't Sleep on Election Cybersecurity (Cyber Criminals Won't)
  • March 2021: Primary Changes: The Hot Trend of 2021?
  • February 2021: Then and Now: Election Policies in 2000 and 2020
  • January 2021: 2020 Legislative Actions on Elections





  • November 2017: Cybersecurity for Elections: Everyone's Responsibility
  • September 2017: Common Data Formats: What's in them for Legislators?
  • July 2017: Elections Security: A Priority for Everyone
  • June 2017: Voter ID: Back to the Future?
  • May 2017: Is Vote-By-Mail for your State?
  • March 2017: Ranked Choice Voting Has Its Red Carpet Moment in 2017
  • February 2017: Avalanche of Election Bills Introduced in 2017.
  • January 2017: Special Edition: Expert Predictions for 2017


  • December 2016: That's a Wrap on 2016-But What Happened in Legislatures?
  • October 2016: The Watchers Watching Elections
  • September 2016 Special Edition: Security and Elections: What Legislators Need to Know
  • July/August 2016: What is Automatic Voter Registration Anyway? What the Experts Say
  • June 2016: Uniformity in Voting Systems: Looking at the Crazy Quilt of Election Technology
  • May 2016: Voter Registration is All About Residency (and Domicile)
  • April 2016: Election Dates May or May Not Matter
  • March 2016: Dude-I'm Way Too Depressed About The Future to Vote
  • February 2016: It's a Presidential Election Year: Do You Know Where Your Voter Records Are?
  • January 2016: Legislative Vacancies: A Patchwork of Laws for Patching Holes in State Legislatures


  • November-December 2015: Election Funding for 2020 and Beyond.
  • October 2015: The Facts on 10 Common Election Misconceptions
  • September 2015: State Legislation and the Voting Rights Act: Past, Present and Future
  • August 2015: Presidential Ballot Access: 50 Shades of Law
  • July 2015: Internet Voting: Creeping Our Way?
  • June 2015: Burning Questions at NCSL's Policy and Elections Technology Conference
  • May 2015: Elections Technology: Nine Things Legislators May Want to Know
  • April 2015: Elections, Meet Academia; Academia, Meet Elections
  • March 2015: Linking Driving and Voting Records
  • February 2015: Looking Ahead—2015 Elections Legislation
  • January 2015: Expert Predictions for 2015






  • December 2010: The Election Season Gets Longer and Longer
  • August 2010: Ten Years Since the Florida Election Meltdown - Could it Happen Again?
  • July 2010: Vote-By-Mail: Fiscally Fashionable?
  • June 2010: State Voting Laws and the Mentally Disabled
  • March 2010: The Real Cost of Voter Registration: Oregon Case Study


  • December 2009: States Confront Military and Overseas Ballot Mandates
  • October 2009: Indiana Courts Strike Down Photo ID Requirement
  • June 2009: Registration "Modernization" Proposals Take Center Stage
  • March 2009: Arizona Leads The Way As Military And Overseas e-Voting Gains Momentum
  • January 2009: 2008 Election Recap


  • October 2008: Nonresident Property Owners and Voting in Local Elections: A Paradigm Shift?
  • August 2008: Election Emergencies Happen
  • July 2008: Tennessee and Ohio Enact Major Bipartisan Election Reform
  • May 2008: Supreme Court Upholds Indiana Law Requiring Photo ID to Vote
  • April 2008: What Should States Do About Voting Equipment

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