StateVote Election Night 2012 Composition of State Legislatures: Click here to enlarge map displaying a full election profile for each state.

Both Parties Achieve Big Wins

After getting shellacked by Republicans two years ago, Democrats rebounded in the 2012 election, gaining
about 150 seats and taking back eight chambers they lost in 2010. Presidential coattails made a difference,
as they often do. Since 1900, the party winning the White House has gained seats in legislatures in 21 of
29 elections.

Republicans scored a few wins as well, including gaining majorities in both chambers of the Arkansas Legislature for the first time since Reconstruction. With Arkansas in their column, Republicans now control every legislature in the former Democratic “solid South” of a mere 20 years ago. More

Continue to check and refresh this map for updated information about state party control and consult our chart that lets you toggle back and forth to display current and previous composition. On the post-election chart, numbers in yellow are preliminary, numbers in black indicate NCSL's projection of control. In a few states, party control changed. Click here for a continuously updated scorecard of the nation's gubernatorial elections. To see state control, click here.

The nation's electoral map has been altered and this is the first election following the once-a-decade redistricting based on new census data. Only one body (New York's Senate growing from 62 to 63) changed size after redistricting.

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