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StateVote 2019

Find out the results in the four states that had legislative elections and in the three states that had gubernatorial races. There was also 20 ballot measures that were decided on in the 2019 election.


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Ballot Measures

Ballot measures provide a window into virtually every legislative policy arena. NCSL’s database of measures is updated frequently and includes all those that have been verified for this year's ballot.

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StateVote: Election Results


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StateVote History

NCSL has tracked state legislative races for 40 years. The party composition page shows party control numbers for the last five years, and includes the governor's party and overall state control.


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Post-Election Briefing

NCSL hosted a post-election briefing about what the 2018 election results meant for states and what to expect in the upcoming legislative sessions.


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2016 Election Results

While things were certainly memorable at the top of the ticket, state legislative races also made their mark. Overall, Republicans bested expectations, having already reached the peak of control in party history, in a year when many expected Democrats to net seats and chambers.