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November 23, 2011 -

Two ** for the Virginia Senate?

In a previous post, "Virginia Senate Tied*", I said that partisan control of the Virginia Senate should be listed with an asterisk to indicate that the chamber is tied between the two parties but under effective Republican control because of the lieutenant governor's tie-breaking vote. Not so fast (maybe). More

Morning After Summary

Here's a state by state rundown and update on the legislative races to date (for ballot measure results, see Prop*50 as usual):

Virginia. The Senate remains as we reported it last night: an apparent 20-20 tie pending the outcome of provisional ballots and a possible recount in one race.


Mississippi. In an update to "Republican Gains in Mississippi," the margin in the House is now down to two undecided races. Republicans have narrow margins in both of them, but not all ballots have yet been counted. More

Ballot Measures

Ballot results are rolling in, with one big surprise in Mississippi's personhood initiative.

2011 Ballot Measures: Election Results

Pre-Election Ballot Analysis

Special Elections

  • Georgia Senate (2 seats) - Both remained GOP
  • Georgia House (3 seats)  - Two remained GOP (One seat will be decided in a special election on December 6.
  • Iowa Senate (1 seat) - Iowa Democrat Wins Special Election
  • Missouri House (4 seats) - Two seats remained Democrat and two seats are too close to call at 12:33 p.m. Mountain time Nov. 8
  • Oklahoma House (1 seat)  - special primary. Both parties selected nominees for the February 14 special general election.
  • Tennessee Senate (1 seat) - Remained GOP
  • Texas House (1 seat) - Runoff with two GOP candidates
  • Wisconsin Assembly (1 seat) - Remained Democrat

Recall Election 

Runoff Election

  • Louisiana House (21 races will be decided in runoff on Nov. 19th)
  • Louisiana Senate (4 races will be decided in runoff on Nov. 19th. None of these races affect the partisan composition of the Senate.)

Pre-Election Partisan Composition


There were gubernatorial elections in three states-Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi.Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear was re-elected, defeating Sen. President David Williams. Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant will be the next governor of Mississippi.

The election for governor in Louisiana was held October 22. Click on a state in the map below to see candidates and winners.

Map of Post 2011 Election Partisan Composition of State Legislatures 

(Color codes of legislative control: Red=Republican, Blue=Democrat, Yellow=Split)


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