Map of Post 2010 Election Partisan Composition of State Legislatures

Click on any state below to see a full election profile. To see the latest map, please hit refresh on your computer. Several legislatures switched party control  (as of Nov. 4.)  There is a detailed analysis of the election below the map.  (Looking for the 2011 current partisan composition table?)

Republican Democratic Divided Nonpartisan Undecided


Republicans Make Historic Gains

Republicans have added over 675 seats to their ranks in this election, dramatically surpassing 1994 gains. This number could go even higher as the tallies in the undecided races are determined. The chamber switches thus far are all Democratic to Republican except for Montana House which was tied and is now Republican, and the Oregon House which was Democratic and is now tied. Changes are:

GOP gains
Alabama - House and Senate
Colorado - House
Indiana - House
Iowa - House
Louisiana - House
Maine – House and Senate
Michigan - House
Minnesota - House and Senate
Montana - House
New Hampshire - House and Senate
New York - Senate
North Carolina - House and Senate
Ohio - House
Pennsylvania - House
Wisconsin - Assembly and Senate

Tied : Oregon House; Alaska Senate

One chamber still has undecided seats: New York House

This is the first time in Alabama that Republicans have controlled the legislature since reconstruction. The North Carolina Senate has not been Republican since 1870. And Republicans have reportedly taken over 100 seats in the New Hampshire House. The Minnesota Senate will be controlled by the GOP for the first time since Minnesota switched back to partisan elections in 1974.

Continue to check in with us at StateVote 2010 for real-time updates of legislative elections across the country. NCSL's blog The Thicket  is providing analysis of legislative elections and NCSL's blog Prop* 50 offers the most comprehensive information on ballot measures anywhere. 

The map below will be updated to show the results of legislative elections. For a map showing party control of state legislatures prior to the election view the Pre-Election Party Control of State Legislatures Map.  The 50 state table shows party composition of state legislatures, governors and state control following the election. (Please note some races are still pending.) 50-State Table of Partisan Control of Governor and Legislature Prior to the 2010 Election (Color-coded table showing partisan control of legislature and governor's party for all 50 states.)


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2010 Election Note

Four states--Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia--and three Senates--Kansas, New Mexico and South Carolina--do not have legislative elections in 2010. The Nebraska legislature is unicameral and nonpartisan. Live 2010 post-election results are based on unofficial results pending certification by their respective election officials.