Voting by Nonresidents


Throughout the nation, citizens can only register and vote in one jurisdiction for federal elections.

Local elections can be a different matter. Eleven states have statutes that permit nonresidents, such as second-home owners or business owners, to vote in local, municipal, and/or special district elections such as irrigation, water, sewer and conservancy districts.

Nonresident Voting

Two states allow nonresident voting in municipal or town elections:

Ten states allow nonresident voting in certain special district elections. New Mexico and Delaware have provisions allowing nonresidents to vote in special district elections in addition to municipal elections.


NOTE:  Please note this summary should be used for general informational purposes and is not intended as a legal reference. NCSL is unable to aid, advise or answer questions regarding individual cases. If you have questions regarding your eligibility to vote in state or local elections, please contact your local board of elections. Thank you.

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