NCSL State Elections 2021


calendar showing nov. 2, 2021

Election Day 2021 has come and gone.

Voters in New Jersey and Virginia voted in regularly scheduled legislative elections and statewide offices on Nov. 2.

On the tabs below, you’ll find maps on pre-election legislative control and state control (which includes both legislative chambers and the governors), and all the details on this year’s statewide ballot measures. 

In brief, a total of 220 of the nation’s 7,383 legislative seats were decided this November, the fewest number of seats up in regularly scheduled elections since 2017. Click on the Legislative Control tab below to see where things stand nationally, and to see what this fall’s elections may mean for partisan control of the nation’s legislatures.

Governors in New Jersey and Virginia were also on the ballot this fall. In New Jersey, incumbent Democratic Governor Phil Murphy has a small lead in his re-election effort, with several hundred thousand votes still to count. In Virginia, sitting governors are prohibited for running for consecutive terms, so the race is an open seat with former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe running against Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin. Youngkin emerged victorious, becoming the first Republican to win a gubernatorial election in Virginia since 2009.

Voters in six states weighed in on 24 ballot measures that addressed a variety of topics, including taxes, gambling and infrastructure. Choose the Ballot Measures tab to see our coverage of the results.

For more information, contact Ben Williams about state legislative control and Amanda Zoch about ballot measures.