Primaries and Beyond | The Legislative Role

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Primaries and Beyond | The Legislative Role

Recorded on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Eleven states have provisions for primary runoff elections when no single candidate won over 50 percent of the vote, with just the two top finishers competing for the party’s nomination. Learn the history of primary runoff elections, why states use them and what’s changed over the years. Then hear about the ins and outs of ranked choice voting—a method some suggest can replace runoffs (hence the other name, “instant runoff voting”). A dozen or so municipalities use ranked choice voting, and Maine is about to become the first state to do so. This webinar will answer:

  • When did primary runoffs start and what was their purpose?
  • What’s happening today in modern runoff elections?
  • How is ranked choice voting being used to complement or replace runoff elections?
  • What options are available to lawmakers?

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  • Professor Charles Bullock, University of Georgia 
  • Rob Richie, FairVote 
  • Brian Bean, Utah Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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