State Elections Legislation Database


search key on key boardThis database contains state legislation related to the administration of elections introduced in 2011 through this year, 2020. To view elections legislation from the years 2001 - 2010, as well as related databases containing campaign finance, initiative and referendum, and term limits legislation, visit the NCSL Election Legislation Databases Home Page.

Bill information for the current year is updated regularly each week. New measures are added as they are introduced or identified by NCSL staff.

Bills may appear twice in carry over states. In these states, please check the last date of action to ensure the status of the bill reflects the appropriate year.

Contact NCSL's Elections Staff with questions about the database.


For faster performance, please use the fields below to filter your results. If nothing is picked, the default search is to include all topics and states in current session year. The full text of bills is available by clicking on the bill number. This feature is available for bills from 2015 and later.

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