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The NCSL elections team provides a variety of resources on election issues, including but not limited to: 50-state surveys on state laws, legislation databases, a monthly elections newsletter, enactment summaries and other publications. Links to our most popular resources are below. If you don't see what you need, please contact us at

 State legislators and legislative staff looking for additional information can contact the NCSL elections team.

 If you are a voter, please contact your local election official instead. Contact information for local election officials can be found through the U.S. Vote Foundation.

For legislators and legislative staff, the most important resource NCSL can offer is its staff. NCSL’s elections team is available to provide additional background material, customized research, testimony or state-specific resources. All you have to do is ask

50-State Surveys

To assist lawmakers in reviewing elections policy decisions, NCSL provides 50-state research on many election law and procedural issues including:

Legislation Databases

Find the most comprehensive and complete 50-state information in NCSL's searchable bill tracking databases. These databases are regularly updated, and some go back for many years. Databases pertaining to elections and campaigns include:  

  • Election Legislation Database: This database contains state legislation related to the administration of elections. Topics include primaries, pre-Election Day voting, voter registration, voter ID, elections security, and voting technology among many others
  • Ballot Measures Database: This database tracks ballot measures created by legislative referenda, citizens initiatives or other mechanisms. It includes all statewide ballot measures dating back more than a century.
  • Campaign Finance Database: This database tracks campaign finance legislation covering topics such as contribution limits, disclosure requirements, public financing and much more. 

Elections Newsletter: The Canvass

NCSL's monthly elections newsletter, The Canvass, is designed to synthesize data, legislative practices, and insight from the 50 states and U.S. territories into an executive summary for legislators and key staff. Visit this page for an index of issues by date or this page for an index of issues by topic. Subscribe here.

Enactment Summaries