2016 Pre- and Post-Election State Legislative Control


The maps below show legislative control by state before and after the 2016 election. Note that there are 98 partisan chambers because Nebraska has a unicameral, nonpartisan legislature.

While control did not change dramatically in statehouses, here is a list of chambers that changed hands.

Three chambers switched from Democratic to Republican control:

  • Kentucky House
  • Iowa Senate
  • Minnesota Senate 

Four chambers switched from Republican to Democratic control:

  • New Mexico House
  • Nevada Assembly
  • Nevada Senate
  • Washington Senate (Republicans, however, will have functional control as one Democrat will caucus with the Republicans.)

And one chamber will be tied:

  • Connecticut Senate

2016 Post-Election Legislative Control

This map shows post-election legislative control as of Wednesday morning. Republicans control both chambers of the legislature in 32 states, Democrats control both chambers of the legislature in 13 states and three states split control. Control in New York is still being decided.

Post-election map of 2016 legislative control

2016 Pre-Election Legislative Control

Before the election, Republicans controlled both chambers of the legislature in 30 states, Democrats controlled both chambers of the legislature in 12 states and seven states split control.