Digging Into Prescription Drug Data: Affordability Boards and Transparency

New developments in prescription drugs are dramatically changing the options people have to treat their health conditions. To better understand the tradeoffs between drug prices, costs and access, legislators often look for data to inform their decisions.


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Higher Education Legislation in 2022

Summary of state higher education legislation in 2022 including financial aid, student loans, postsecondary CTE, and other state postsecondary education policy issues.



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Juvenile Justice: Young People and Restorative Justice

Learn more about restorative justice models, practices and examine the state polices offering a path to repairing harm caused by delinquent acts.


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Incorporating Data and Evidence Into Criminal Justice Policy Decisions: Options and Resources

Criminal justice reform efforts are underway across the country, and good data is key to their success. Legislatures are examining every part of the system, seeking to improve pretrial practices, refine sentencing laws and align corrections and supervision practices with evidence-based principles.


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Assessing Community Risk to Inform Health Policy

As some policymakers consider social drivers in policy decisions, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry Social Vulnerability Index can be a helpful tool in assessing community risk related to social determinants of health.


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Introduction to Benefits Cliffs and Public Assistance Programs

Benefits cliffs can be complex, but there are a variety of ways policymakers can mitigate them. Learn more about how state policymakers can and are addressing benefits cliffs.