Whole Child Policy Advisory Group Resources


NCSL’s Whole Child Policy Advisory Group is examining education systems and policies that foster safe, healthy learning environments where all students can thrive and achieve academic success. The group is made up of eight bipartisan legislators and six legislative staff. The whole child policy, research and practices studied and discussed by the group may include school climate, student mental health, social emotional learning, workforce skill building, afterschool, trauma-informed instruction, building adult capacity, and social, emotional, and academic development.  

The advisory group is being held through the support of the Learning Policy Institute will run until late fall. Below is a collection of resources from the sessions. 


First Session: Overview of the Advisory Group Activities and Goals 

Second Session: Overview of Landscape of Whole Child Education in Advisory Group States 

Third Session: Overview of Elements of Whole Child Education 

Fourth Session: Overview of Upcoming Sessions and Group Interest 

Fifth Session: Overview of Student Mental Health

Sixth Session: Overview of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Seventh Session: Overview of Community Schools

Eighth Session: Overview of Building Adult Capacity