Student-Centered Learning for All Learners


As schools, districts and states move toward personalized, student-centered learning models in which students have increased voice and choice throughout their school day, state policymakers want to ensure that students with disabilities, English language learners, and struggling students are able to fully benefit from initiatives aiming to personalize learning for all students.

This webinar will explore how personalized, competency-based education can advance learning for English Language Learners, students with disabilities, and struggling students, and how policymakers can build equity and inclusion into design, planning, and implementation of student-centered learning.

This webinar is the fifth in a series sponsored by the NCSL Student-Centered Learning Commission, with generous support from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. Other webinars include An Overview of K-12 Competency-Based Education, ESSA and Personalized Learning, Performance-based Assessments for Teaching and Learning, and Support for Teachers and Leaders in Student-Centered Learning Environments, all available for viewing at any time.



  • Sunny Deye, program director, National Conference of State Legislatures 


  • Ace Parsi, director of innovation, National Center for Learning Disabilities
  • Natalie Truong, policy director, iNACOL
  • Rebecca Wolfe, vice president, Impact and Improvement, KnowledgeWorks