Strong Leaders Strong Schools: 2007 State Laws

Under the federal No Child Left Behind law and similarly demanding state requirements, school leaders (principals and superintendents) are under increased public pressure to turn around low-performing schools and significantly improve student achievement. Landmark research commissioned by The Wallace Foundation tells us that leadership is second only to classroom instruction among all school-related factors that contribute to student learning, especially in high-need schools. More than ever, states need to develop and implement comprehensive strategies to ensure that today’s leaders have the skills, knowledge and support required to guide the transformation of schools to meet higher standards and new requirements for progress. Lawmakers have responded by crafting legislation and policy to recruit, prepare and support high-quality school leaders. At least 25 states enacted 42 laws to support school leader initiatives during the 2007 legislative sessions. View Report. (20 pages)

The laws address: 
  • Roles, responsibilities and authority
  • Statewide leadership standards
  • Preparation and program accreditation
  • Mentoring and induction
  • Licensure and certification
  • Professional development
  • Assessing leader effectiveness
  • Compensation and incentives