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The National Conference of State Legislatures

Academic Sources

Business and Advocacy Organizations

The Federal Government

State Organizations

News Organizations

Business and Advocacy Organizations

Tapping America’s Potential, The Report

Business Roundtable, Innovation and U.S. Competitiveness: Addressing the Talent Gap (Public Opinion Research)

Bayer, Bridging the Diversity Gap in Science and Engineering: Introducing STEM Industries to K-12 Best Practice Programs

Business-Higher Education Forum, Transforming the Recruitment, Retention, and Renewal of Our Nation's Mathematics and Science Teaching Workforce

Partnership for 21st Century Skills, The Intellectual and Policy Foundations of the 21st Century Skills Framework

Tapping America’s Potential, 2008 Progress Report: Gaining Momentum, Losing Ground

The Federal Government

National Academies, Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Recommendations for Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future

U.S. Department of Education, Foundations for Success: The Final Report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel

National Science Board, National Action Plan for Addressing the Critical Needs of the U.S. STEM Education System

National Academies, Is America Falling Off the Flat Earth?

Congressional Research Service, Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Education: Status and Issues

National Science Board, America's Pressing Challenge: Building a Stronger Foundation

State Organizations

Council of Chief State School Officers, State Indicators of Science and Mathematics Education

National Governor's Assocation, Building a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Agenda

Public Agenda, Important, but Not for Me: Parents and Students in Kansas and Missouri Talk About Math, Science, and Technology Education

Council of Chief State School Officers, Mathematics and Science Education Task Force Report and Recommendations

Kentucky STEM Task Force, Kentucky's STEM Imperative: Competing in the Global Economy

News Organizations

Education Week, The Push to Improve STEM Education

TIME Magazine, How to Bring Our Schools Out of the 20th Century

TIME Magazine, Are We Losing Our Edge?

Education Week, Technology Counts Archive

National Conference of State Legislatures

State Legislatures Magazine, Staying Competitive

LegisBrief, State Funding for Education Technology 

Education Issues Series, Technology in K-12 Education 

Education Issues Series, How Education Technology Leads to Improved Student Achievement 

Academic Sources

Ingersoll and Perda, What the Data Tell Us About Shortages of Mathematics and Science Teachers

Crowe, Schaefer, and Barnes, The Cost of Teacher Turnover in K-12 Science and Mathematics: What We Know and What We Need to Know

Ingersoll, Is There Really a Teacher Shortage?