Publication | Today's Board Certification for Teachers


Teacher and studentsThe research is clear: Teaching is the most important school-related factor that determines student success.  Without an effective teacher, students slip behind. With a highly effective teacher, students can make significant gains. To meet state goals for every student to be ready for college and career after high school, legislators continuously work to improve the quality of teaching and to ensure that every student has access to effective teachers.

Other professions ensure a high-quality workforce through board certification, which sets the gold standard for excellence as the expectation for all practitioners. Those professions have each developed a coherent continuum that puts all beginners on the trajectory to board certification.

This publication, written by Michelle Exstrom, provides research on why students taught by board-certified teachers learn more than students taught by other teachers. It also looks at how challenges are being met in the classroom, policy options for legislators and a chart showing state incentives and rewards supporting national board certification. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards also provided resouces and important, useful feedback to ensure the accuracy and transparency of this publication.

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