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Turning Around Low-Performing Schools Through National Board Certification

Hear from six unique perspectives about what makes an effective educator and National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification. Learn why two inspiring educators entered the profession, hear about their biggest challenges, what goes into making an effective educator, and what state legislatures can do to support educators and students. Hear from two legislators and two legislative staff about National Board certification, what they think makes an effective educator, and the state legislative role in ensuring educator effectiveness.

NBPTS is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving teaching and learning by helping states, districts and schools develop, recognize and retain great teachers and principals. In January 2011, the National Board will launch the first voluntary national advanced certification for school principals.

NCSL has partnered with NBPTS to raise awareness among legislators and legislative staff about National Board certification as one potential tool to improve educator effectiveness and turn around low-performing schools.


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Kiela Bonelli, Principal, Julius Corsini Elementary School, California  

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Daniela Robles, Teacher, Griffith Elementary School, Arizona  

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Senator John Goedde, Idaho 

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Representative Betty Komp, Oregon  

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Jeanette Malafa, Legislative Analyst, Illinois  

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Cheryl Reinhart, Legislative Attorney, Arkansas  

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