School Leadership Publications 

Stack of BooksThe topic of school leadership has emerged over the last decade to be a critical element to school reform. There is a growing body of research and reports on the importance of effective school leadership. Included below are NCSL publications and other resources. 



NCSL Publications

Preparing a Pipeline of Effective Principals: A Legislative Approach, September 2012

LegisBrief: National Board Certification for Principals, January 2011

Educator Quality, NCSL/College Board, 2010

Strong Leaders Strong Schools: 2010 State Laws

LegisBrief: Evaluating School Principals, August-September 2010

Strong Leaders Strong Schools: 2009 State Laws

LegisBrief: National School Manager Project, February 2009

LegisBrief: Teacher Leaders, June-July, 2009

Strong Leaders Strong Schools: 2008 State Laws

LegisBrief: Preparing High Quality School Leaders, April-May, 2008

LegisBrief: Principals Using Data to Improve Student Achivement, October 2008

Strong Leaders Strong Schools: 2007 State Laws

Developing Leaders for Successful Schools, 2006

School Leader Publications

The Wallace Foundation

Southern Regional Education Board

New Leaders for New Schools

Rainwater Charitable Foundation

Alliance to Reform Education Leaderhip, Bush Institute